Going Battery Powered

I have a number of components that run off of 12V DC power. This includes my DAC, preamp, tube buffer, etc. I’m looking into powering them with batteries instead of 120V AC power supplies. Does anyone have any input on if this is worth my time? Seems like DC power is the cleanest power you can get in this situation. I’ve heard batteries can have reduced dynamics but I plan on using as big of a battery as is reasonable, most likely a large sealed AGM type battery. Do I need power supplies/voltage regulators if I use a large battery and only power low draw components (no power amps); e.g. the max amp draw is probably around 1-2 amps, if that. If I do, does anyone have a link to a design for the power supply/voltage regulator? Thank you.

Thanks mkgus.  And I apologize for my assertion; clearly I was wrong to think that I could have any insight into your psychology, let alone to then assert such.

As self reported in the other thread that I'm posting in today, the 'system details' thread, I'm lazy, so pretty much no chance I'll go searching for info related to my question...which makes me all the more grateful for your answer, thanks again.

Gotta say though, Mr. Squires remark makes no sense to me; to wit: Dodd Battery Powered Preamp has an output impedance of 200 Ohms...this is lower than most 120 volt powered preamps.

I noted georgehifi stated earlier in this thread:

"And a battery is not current limited..."

So, apparently, at a minimum, there's a range of thinking on the subject.

Glad you're finding the setup you're using is providing a sonic benefit.  


Not sure if this is the most recent battery thread, but thought I would share my experience.  I'm getting 50 mph wind gusts tonight so decided to switch to batteries in case of power fluctuations or loss.  I have two solar generators, an Ecoflow Delta 2 Max and a GroWatt 1300. Both are pure sine wave generators and LiFePO4.  


I connected my AGD Duet amps to one battery, and DAC and streamer to the other.  The AGD amps were drawing about 25 watts total for the pair.  The DAC and streamer were drawing about 40 watts.  I can run the stereo for over 30 hours at that rate. The sound quality is excellent, but with noise from the high wind I don't want to compare to wall power yet.  

Let you conscience be your guide

Li is a RARE earth mineral. Do a search and see what gigantic holes are being mined and who the labor force is made up of. There has to be a better material than Li