Going from MM to MC

I have a linn table with an akito2 arm I just replaced the preamp with a rogue rp7 and bought a pro ject phono box DS3B phono preamp.  I am also going to get new phono cable from linn with the xlr ends on it. Right now I have an adikt on my table. I want to go to MC  to get better detail and seperation. I have been researching Cartridges and have narrowed it down to 3  the linn Krystal the lyra delso or the ortofon quintet S black. My Lin repair person is trying to get me to go  with the linn but I have herd the other 2 have better sound  any advice.where to go or even a different one all together  and why thank you Michael. 


@jasonbourne71 ...It surprised me at the time....not the best MC, but it outdid the Stanton 681EE MM cart I had at the time...

What really caught further imagination about the 10 was it could be run on 12vdc; there was a jack on the back of it (if memory isn't total trash....I even have my moments of doubt, just to speak potential truth to a vague concern of mine...and perhaps to verify that of others... ;)...)

I could see an SL in a motorhome, happily playing en route...you could (and I did) pick it up and turn it over, upside down while playing....and not miss a note.

Astounding....If you rotated it horizontally, it would 'wow'...but not skip....

The cart is near unobtainium these days...even in Japan....*sigh*

As a fellow PhonoBox DS3 owner, I want to mention that the balanced inputs only work with LOMC cartridges, so if the OP is getting dual XLR phono cables, a high end MM or MI is not a good choice!

@lewm - agreed about MM cartridges; I've got a Clearaudio Charisma cart which is a $2000 MM and sounds perfect for my system; totally rocks....