Going from MM to MC

I have a linn table with an akito2 arm I just replaced the preamp with a rogue rp7 and bought a pro ject phono box DS3B phono preamp.  I am also going to get new phono cable from linn with the xlr ends on it. Right now I have an adikt on my table. I want to go to MC  to get better detail and seperation. I have been researching Cartridges and have narrowed it down to 3  the linn Krystal the lyra delso or the ortofon quintet S black. My Lin repair person is trying to get me to go  with the linn but I have herd the other 2 have better sound  any advice.where to go or even a different one all together  and why thank you Michael. 



there are couple of technical differences btw MM and MC

1) MM cart is high output impedance driver, vs low output impedance MC. MM cart will sound better with most tonearms and phono higher resistance cables, while MC will require low as possible interconnects. You may check your end of phono cable to arm connector (headshell pin) to check if resistance is below /above1 Ohm. If resistance is high, arm wiring and better connectors are needed for MC.

2) MM carts typically require less tracking needle pressure for similar performance comparing to MC, typ 1g for MM vs 2g for MC (MC coils have wires with more moving resistance).

I compared sound of Audio Technica ART9 to AT-ML170/180, I found as MM ML170/180 sound more airy, warmer on many records (not all). 

Soundsmith has some of the best and are well grounded from vibration and interference! 

With all due respect to all of you very knowledgeable analog persons, I think you’ve succeeded once again in driving another analog novice into the weeds with too much information and scaring him off. That’s why I suggested the Linn cartridge so he could have a simple, comfortable solution without overloading him with so many choices that he gets paralyzed with indecision. I don’t think a glut of information is helpful in the beginning. I’m willing to be wrong, but when someone is starting out it’s better to just present the easiest path. At least that’s what I think. Be well. 

Chayro, I tend to think the OP is a big boy who must know that almost no question posed on this Forum ever elicits a single unanimous opinion from the peanut gallery. But I do agree that the myriad of responses, many of them to questions that were never asked, can be dismaying even to a disinterested casual reader of threads.

Crustycoot, since you own the phono stage, I trust you know what you’re talking about, but in reading the manual and scrutinizing the web, I fail to understand why you can’t use balanced mode for other than MC cartridges. Can you comment?

If you can find a van den Hul dealer, I would recommend his (AJ's) cartridges highly. Great detailed sound, medium output MC with a very long stylus life. There are tons of options, some less expensive, but if you include the ongoing stylus replacement cost, it makes up for it and you have a better sounding cartridge. I have an MC One Special that lists for close to $2K or so. And if you ever want to really splurge, I have heard their phono stage, the Grail, is really the holy grail (i'm not going there), perfectly matched to their cartridges. I use it with a Rega P8, so I expect it would pair well with a Linn arm, but make sure the weight is compatible. It's on the lighter side.