going from tube preamp to solid state

just toying around with this and it might not even happen.

have a tube preamp now and while i might sell this later on and get another preamp.......have there been members that have had a tube preamp, sold it and went to a solid state preamp and kept it ?          or did you prefer the tube preamp sound and went back to it ?

maybe got a tube preamp that uses different tubes than the previous one did ?     

the preamp i have now, i like the way it sounds, but just not a fan of the 6sn7 and never really have been.   i prefer the 6922, 12au7 / 12ax7 tubes better.   




I would say that if you are looking at high end products… say in the $5K to $25K… tube products are likely to sound better. 

in my previous reply, i said under $5k...and probably even closer to $2k would be more likely at the moment.


Also, for use to be helpful, if you would put some quick photos and your components under your UsrID… under virtual systems, we can be tremendously more helpful. Lots of times a question comes in about a piece of equipment, but the answer is about how your system is set up or your venue. Very helpful.

setup is fine.....as i said, there are room treatments, speakers have been moved in every direction possible and the end result is always the same : center imagining and that is where it ends.      i would like more soundstage, hence the preamp question / post.






Not all preamps are created equal...tube or SS.  What tube preamp do you have, and which SS preamp are you considering?

I get that not all preamps whether they are tube or solid state are created equal. 

i mentioned earlier what preamp i am using now.           

havent really seriously looked at any ss preamps right now.....as i said in the beginning, this is just an idea and it might not even happen.

basically asking if anybody has gone from tube to solid state and did they like it or did they end up going back to tubes.


Try the Sanders “the preamp”

Nad - pre is,nice, but gets warm, make sure it is ventilated on top

parasound p5

adcom preamp

used Onkyo p-308 - may need additional 180-250$ have a good tech open, replace,caps with higher quality, clean everything. A warmish sound to Onkyo, gives depth to music.

most Integra Onkyo are a good quality preamp.

probably get one for a few hundo


If you are looking for a straight wire with gain kinda preamp that projects a huge, transparent, and open 3D soundstage, look no further than this.  If it doesn’t work you can turn around and sell it with little/no loss.  I owned their BP-6 with a very similar architecture and it was fantastic.  Well worth a try IMHO. 


I would do it just on principle.  What principle is that you may ask?  The principal of the boiling frog.  

Tubes degrade over time.  SS much, much less so.  I own Tube and SS equipment; amps and preamps.

Every few months I will switch between SS and Tube for some comparative listening to assure that my tube equipment has not slowly degraded in sound quality.

And in fact I was prompted to buy some new tubes after the most recent switch test...