going from tube preamp to solid state

just toying around with this and it might not even happen.

have a tube preamp now and while i might sell this later on and get another preamp.......have there been members that have had a tube preamp, sold it and went to a solid state preamp and kept it ?          or did you prefer the tube preamp sound and went back to it ?

maybe got a tube preamp that uses different tubes than the previous one did ?     

the preamp i have now, i like the way it sounds, but just not a fan of the 6sn7 and never really have been.   i prefer the 6922, 12au7 / 12ax7 tubes better.   


Something else you might want look at is a hybrid preamp. Usually it only has one pair of gain tubes, the rest is SS. Get the SS and you can still do some tube rolling if you want.

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There are a multitude of really good SS & Tube preamplifiers.  There are some really bad preamplifiers, too.  Stick to the requirements that you need for connectivity and try to demo a few if you can.  Happy listening & Best of Luck.

I've moved from a Rogue Metis to a Topping Pre90, and I kept and love the Topping piece. Much blacker backgrounds, more dynamic and detailed, more drive from top to bottom. I've loved my Rogue for many years, even found my dream 6sn7, the very bassy RCA grey glass. Just love the Pre90 more, simply cleaner and more transparent. Plenty of drive and gain for my inefficient speakers, both vinyl and DAC. Very affordable, a fine bargain in my book.

I have several preamps, but the one I’m using now is made by Dodd Audio and is battery operated. I’m using Tungsgram 6922 tubes. It’s dead quite with 16db of gain, and I have it mated with a First Watt SIT-3. If you can find one used it would make a wonderful preamp. This preamp has a number of good reviews