Gold Note IS - 1000 integrated amp

I am interested in the Gold Note IS - 1000 integrated amp but it is above my budget of $3,000.  Is the Gold Note worth it's $5,000 price tag?  It has a very fine DAC, phone pre-amp, and streamer.  Are there any comparable integrated amps that may be less expensive?  If it is a great buy I may have to stretch the budget.  If there is a review available I would be interested in reading it.
Thank -You
Hello guys, we too are intrigued by the Gold Note gear and we may bring in some of their products the inexpensive phono stage and the turntables look awesome.

We have the Naim line and the Micromega line, as well as the Anthem STR, and a few other choice integrated amplifiers.

One of our absolute favorites that you may want to also consider is the Micromega M100 which is $4,500.00 so a bit less expensive then the Gold Note, the Micromega is a really awesome integrated amplifer, which has one of the best sets of features currently on the market. the M 100 offers:

      1:  100 watt class high current class A/B amp
      2:   built in in high resolution dac with full DSD and PCM support DSD 512 PCM 768k
      3:   streamer
      4:   phono stage
      5:   headphone amp,
      6:   optional room correction kit to provide in room equilization.
      7:    great US support

We have no idea which one sounds better however the Micromega is awesome very liquid, great tight punchy bass and a huge soundstage.

Transcience you may want to visit our shop we are 15 mins outside of NYC with an incredible selection of gear, no pressure to purchase anything just come in to check out our store.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ
Dave, Troy,
I read the Hi-Fi News report on the Micromega; that's a really compelling option – really respect your store for advocating for such unexpected, high-perfomance offerings.
I suppose the original poster would need to get both a streamer (if intending to use Roon) and likely update his CD player to make the most of it, but even with those add-ons to the system, the Micromega sure makes for a very well-designed, powerful and sleek system (with wall-mounting and custom colors an option too!).
I'm not letting go of my Gold Note any time soon; it's perfect for me, in terms of sound, features (Airplay, Roon), and interface (I mean, I wish it had adjustable MC loading, but that it has an incredibly high-end MC stage built-in at all is already a great advantage), but I think hearing the Micromega is a great suggestion; particularly as I understand the MARS room correction system is wonderful.
Will aim to come out and tip my hat to your great shop (I'm also a real fan of the Exposure house sound, and know you carry their products, among many other brands I love)!
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