Gold Note IS - 1000 integrated amp

I am interested in the Gold Note IS - 1000 integrated amp but it is above my budget of $3,000.  Is the Gold Note worth it's $5,000 price tag?  It has a very fine DAC, phone pre-amp, and streamer.  Are there any comparable integrated amps that may be less expensive?  If it is a great buy I may have to stretch the budget.  If there is a review available I would be interested in reading it.
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@iasi, in contrast what you said re image depth and bass tightness, @transience mentioned that image depth is not a strong point of GN IS1000 and he also said that bass is "rounded"
@transience, during the past year, a GN IS100 unit exchanged hands two times, usually not a good sign. Could it be due to the fact an improved version with the better DAC hit the market?
hi @fiza, i generally don't take audiogon market activity as a particular sign of quality or lack thereof; far too often have I sold gear I've ultimately missed terribly, and that's a commonplace.
I believe a spate of super integrateds with more us press (as opposed to eu press) is a factor here, as people invariably buy these instead of the gold note out of novelty and validated curiosity. 
for my part, I also acquired an Ayre EX-8, which is an altogether wonderful unit but very different. Silver vs copper cables (or MC vs world-class MM) would be the apt sonic comparison, the ex-8 being cooler, even more pure and grainless than the already excellent is-1000, and more insightful. the Gold Note IS-1000 is fuller, richer, warmer with deeper bass particularly with the DF setting. They are both extremely compelling and expertly engineered audio solutions.
@transience - do you still have the goldnote integrated . how does it compare it to the ayre ex-8
can you share some comparisons and your observations
anyone else knows if primare i35 is in this league?
also if someone can chime in on simaudio moon 340ix

@transience  - in john darko's review it is stated that goldnote has a fan which turns on higher volumes. is that true?can you let us know if ithat is bothersome or ok?