Golden Ear award for $55 speaker tweak

In the latest issue of The Abso!ute Sound, Robert E. Greene honors "Diffractionbegone" with a Golden Ear award. Quoting from the text (page 36 of the June/July 2008 issue): "If your speakers suffer from tweeter diffraction-effects, these elegant and inexpensive felt devices will make an improvement all out of proportion to their low price."

Diffraction can degrade not only imaging and timing but also clarity. You see, the ear is very good as masking (ignoring) a coloration that arrives at the same time as the original signal, but it is very poor at masking when the coloration arrives at a different time (I learned this from conversations with Dr. Earl Geddes). This product addresses several real, audible problems that are present in most speakers.

The felt pads are custom-cut for your specific speakers, which is a nice touch and pretty amazing at the price. And note that this is by far the LEAST EXPENSIVE product to be singled out for a Golden Ear this year.

Congratulations to designer and entrepreneur Jim Goulding. I think he sells them through Audiogon as well as through his website, and it looks like the price may actually be only $49.95 plus shipping. Support your local 'Gon and buy through the site. Come on - you probably blew more money than that on shipping last time you bought or sold a pair of speakers! I sure did.

dealer/manufacturer/no affiliation with diffractionbegone
When I had my own shop, and designed my own speaker line: The systems that didn't incorporate a ribbon tweeter had the Peerless 1" dome(this was started in '81). I always added a 6" foam donut w/a 3" hole around the dome. They never rolled off the highs. Just got me a lot of compliments on their imaging. Cabinet diffraction and how to combat it is old, but still viable, science.
My Raven CeLest rowers come with a a high frequency wave guide.

Sound is awesome from these speakers. Just wonderful.
Duke, it’s a great subject. Vandersteen speakers have all used felt around their tweeters since 1977. No need to tweak lol.