Golden ear triton 1 vs tekton double impact speakers

With so much positive information about both do you have a preference? Have you heard both?
I don’t believe that you can view a speaker and accurately predict its sound quality. Preconceived ideas can be misguided and simply wrong. You have to listen to a product. Word of mouth impressions from actual owners/listeners say that the Double Impacts sound superb.

So very very true.

I like too go by impressions from owners and not so much from just one or two reviews ,Offcourse always best to actually try something in your own room and gear.


Check out the Double Impact thread.  The tweeter array is the key along with low crossover freq. of the drivers.  I love my DI's.  While I have not heard the GE's I  have read several posts comparing the two with the DI's coming out on top.  Please do not assume the DI's sound like the Pendragons or other models in the Tekton line.  Again the tweeter arrray is what defines this speaker.  Good luck in finding your speaker.
I never heard the triton but I just picked up a set of Tekton double impacts that will replace my Tekton Lore, after all the nearly 100% praise from actual owners on several threads around the web I had to try these, and boy did they put a smile on my face, I can tell you that these are staying with me for a long time, unless I win the lottery, the sound stage is tall, wide, these speakers disappear with little to no room placement tweaks. The sound is detailed, clear and presented with authority.  If you can listen to both of course it would be best but, these are worth a listen. I had the Lores, Emotiva stealth 6 and now the DI plus one Xapona show under my belt for reference.