Golden Tube amps

These look interesting to me and have some good prices. Anyone have some opinions on these? Reliability? Sound quality such as sound staging, detail and of course realism. I have never owned tube, so don't know the problems that come with tubes in general.
Foeraus, I think your comparison of the Golden Tube amp to a solid state amp is like comparing apples to oranges. But at least so far you are the only one that has made a direct comparison of one tube design (Golden Tube) to another like your VTLs.

Tube & solid state both have their advantages & disadvantages, matching the type of amplification to one's speakers can be a critical factor in deciding which direction you want or have to go.

Generally speaking some of the best solid state amps only offer a 2.5 dimensional sound. I too have owned the Aragon 4004 MKII and when paired with a good tube preamp it was much closer to a grain free three dimensional sound and to this day it still represents a major audio bargain at its price point.

My above post on Golden Tube Audio gear was not so positive although I did think the gear looked damn nice at the time. On loan from a local HiFi store I tried a Golden Tube used preamp & power amp (can't remember the exact model numbers of either but it was a few years ago). The store manager told me I would not be overly impressed with it and it turned out to be true. Maybe if I spent more time with it and had the chance to tube roll I could of possibly came to a different conclusion.
I thought they had a decent sound for the money. Compared well to my Mccormack dna 0.5. Better than anything new you could buy SS. My problem was reliability. Had it serviced twice. I still have it, would be interested in some of the mods. My old spectral 50 blows it away, though.
Foeraus, thanks for that link. It works fine, and I'll see if someone there has an answer.

I have an old SE-40 (parallel single-ended 40 wpc stereo) which sounded glorious, especially for the coin...but the circuit was unreliable and I threw in the towel after having it repaired twice.

It's still in my garage in Boca Raton, FL, free to anyone who wants to pick it up.
I just wanted to thank you in the forums for the opportunity to repair this amp, and give it a good home. You have it all arranged down there by now, I should be down in a few weeks to pick up from my friend, and meet you if you have the time.
Thanks again