Goldmund Studietto

Hi Everyone,
Have a goldmund studietto turntable that I’ve been hoarding away forever. Decided recently to pull it out of the storage unit and set the puppy up! 2 questions for those out there with experience with these:
1) which tonearm/cartridge combo has given you the best results with this table?
2) any setup suggestions/do’s/don’ts? 
find effective mass of the arm and then you will see what cartridge is compatible 
I had a Studio with the T3 which was the best sounding combo, once I figured out what cartridge to use (mid compliance, heavy).
I remember hearing it sound ok - if a bit mushy - with an Alphason 100, and much better (more extended) & crisper with a 12 inch (SME 3012 I think- if not, it must have been a Jelco, not sure). Someone I know tried a Rega 300 which was a hassle to set up correctly (no height adjustment, etc) but it sounded OK.
Had to sell for financial reasons, otherwise I’d had held onto it. Sorry, not much help here...
You can measure pivot to spindle distance on Studietto to figure out your limits, do you have spare arm board ? When you know PS distance you can choose whatever tonearm that can be mounted within this PS distance. Instead of pivot point you can use the center of the hole made for tonearm on your arm board (this is where the pivot of the arm must be when you will buy the tonearm if it's conventional design).  

But more important is tonearm+cartridge matching, than tonearm+turntable matching when you can physically mount the arm within manufacturer PS distance.

Probably you can use Fidelity-Research FR-64fx tonearm, this is a great arm!