Good, Affordable Horns?

I've often thought about adding a pair of horn loaded speakers, like say a pair of Klipsch La Scala, to my collection, but I've not heard enough horn loaded speakers to really know the differences, or what works and what doesn't. What are some good ones for under say $2K? What do these give up say compared to some of the larger and more expensive horn loaded speakers I've seen in AUdiogon user systems? The Jadis Eurythmie are one such pair I've seen that appear out of this world, but also must cost a small fortune.
Mrdecibel, I tried to respond to your post on the "Why not horns" thread, but the moderators have held it up. Sorry for the confusion. That post was a joke aimed at the title of the thread, not you. I hope you can accept my apologies for unintentionally offending you.
There is a pair of Klipsch Heresy HBR speakers up for sale on Ebay by a seller in the next town from me that I might be able to pick up and try for not much. I would try these in my wifes sunroom where the Dynaudio monitors are pictured currently in my system listing.


- How much are a pair in good working order and condition worth?

- If I do it, what kind of sound should I expect in comparison to a pair of good Dynaudio monitors? BTW the Dyns are rear ported and bass heavy in that room. Speakers in that room have to stay close to the wall. The Heresys seem like a reasonable design to try there in that they are reputably not bass heavy.
Old thread, but i have to comment since I bought some KLF 30's a little while back.

Too bad so many people talk bad about klipsch. I have a pair of 2001 model KLF 30's. They have 3 internal braces, and are really solid cabinets(the early models had no braces!!). I did replace the tweeter diaphram to the ti sold by crites and it was a major upgrade. Honestly, I have owned a lot of speakers, but for the money you can get these for is just insane.

The best home theater Ive ever heard, and true full range. They do sound very clean, no harsh sound at all after the ti replacement. They can play near 125db's and I ran a 20hz wav and he speaker drilled it. How many speakers will do all this for well under 1k used? Nothing. In fact I'd take this speaker all the way up until the 3k price point where I would grab used legacy Focus 20/20's. That is a fantastic value!

Again, the ti upgrade for $58 shipped per pair is a absolute must to take these serious as a 2k-3k contender.