Good amp for 110 sq. ft. room / PSB alpha monitors

I'm currently looking for a good new amp to use with a pair of bang-for-your-buck, lower end speakers such as the PSB Alpha B1 monitors, Paradigm Atoms, or Totem Dreamcatchers (links to specs at bottom).

My room is small, approximately 110 square feet, though I do tend to listen at concert volume. Music-wise, I primarily listen to classical---especially newer music with sharp, percussive attacks; piano music; and the standard orchestral fare. Next on the list would be experimental/electronic music, jazz, bluegrass, etc.

At this time, I need to keep things under $400 or so. A basic NAD amp has been recommended as a good, practical solution, but I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts.

PSB Alpha monitors: (

Paradigm Atom:

Totem Dreamcatchers:

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I would try an old Creek 4330SE, wonderful sounding integrated. I think better than NAD.

Just my 2 cents
Of these, I would go with either the PSB or Totems. I personally don't find the Atoms to have the frequency range that you would want for classical music.

Not to add other possibilities, but you MIGHT be able to get used PSB Stratus Minis for roughly your price range. This will run circles around the speakers you've listed. Also, some of the NHT offerings within your price range might be a little better for classical music.

I think that NAD electronics will be fine for your application. NAD is a great bang for the buck, and should drive any of these speakers very well.

I agree with the Creek 4330 recommendation but it might be hard to track one down. Best amp I've owned in that price range is the Onkyo A-9555, available refurbished for $400 from I liked it better than the 4330 or either of two NAD amps I've owned.
IMHO, the obvious choices in your budget are the NAD "bee" integrateds and the Cambridge Audio 540/640 from their Azur line - all excellent choices!

I have to agree again with the previous poster - the PSB and Totems are your better picks because, as good as the Atom is, it won't deal as well with the demands of louder music (to be clear, the other two have their limitations, too!).

Try and sneak a little extra into your budget for some good quality speaker stands so you have the flexibility of optimal placement to the enhance imaging and soundstaging performance.

Good luck!
The NAD C320BEE is what I know. It goes well with small PSBs (I've tried the Alpha Mini with it) and Paradigms (Titan) but IMHO the very best combo is with NHT speakers. (Model 1A in use)
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I have used both a Creek (the 5350) and NAD amps (104 + 204, if memory serves correctly) with PSB speakers (Alpha Mini, Stratus Bronze). Both are GREAT matches with PSB gear. IMO, you have to spend a lot more to beat either of those combinations.