Good Bass Floorstander under 1K

I'm looking for recommendations for floorstanders with good bass.

I've considered,Onix Rocket 550-ugly colors, Meadowlark E Series-never heard anything about them,company defunct,Bohlender Z7-don't think they'd have enough bass, Tyler F3-front port not covered.

Any other too look at?

I'm going with Tyler custom F2 floorstanders that came available tonight on Audiogon. They have a few things I really like.
Natural Cherry will match house interior.
Front port is covered by the grill.
Not too big.
Great company with great rep.Have wanted to own a Tyler.
Better bass than my previous monitor.
Priced very well.

Thanks for all the great advice guys!
Very nice looking and definitely a great reputation. But I thought you were after great bass performance...I guess I read that as going down real low and holding it together. The F2's are only rated down to the floorstanding enclosures improve on that that much?
The 44hz rating is on the monitors. The Linwoods with the same cabinet go down to 40hz.

There were a bunch of factors to consider. The port on the F2 is covered therefore discouraging the 2 and 5 year old from storing toys there. The Sols port is open on the rear. I may want to put the speakers right up aginst the wall to maximze floor space at times.

I'd have to drive 2 hours to pick up the 5.3i's on the 'gon and they did not have boxes making it hard for me to sell them in the future. Ditto for the 2 pair of Goldi's available.

I'm resolving myself to the reality that I'll probably need a sub to get the bass I need in this large room. Or go with a quite large floorstander. I just do not want a behemoth size loudspeaker taking up that much space. They are also difficult to sell and ship.

The F2's I'm hoping will give me more bass than my monitor ,in the interim, until I can afford a sub. If I don't like the F2 they are gorgeous and from a great company and be very easy to sell.

Thanks for the input Jax
PSB's and Sol's are rated down to the low 30's I believe. My experience with the Sol's in smaller spaces would confirm that claim. Regardless, good reasons all Gooddomino!! Man, your kid's got a great idea. I'm gonna have to try storing my toys in my rear ports ;-) Let us know how the Tylers work for you in your system. That was a neat opportunity you found to get a custom pair like that, and you can't beat the price for such a nicely built speaker. Congrats.