Good bass test tracks on vinyl

I am searching for good test tracks especially good bass test tracks. I have new speakers that will go as low as 18hz but I am having trouble with finding lps with low frequency...or at least tracks that I can think of. If you can help me think of some let me know.

Thanks, jb2455
Roscoeii's suggestions are very good ones to get low, great artists as well. Another extreme bass situation I have come upon recently is S_W_Z_K which I would also put in the "not for everyone" category. I'm not sure how or if you can get more bass than that record.
"Walk On The Wild Side", Lou Reed. If you have an original vinyl copy you're all set!

Telarc 1812 Overture. Most turntables/arms cannot handle the cannon shots, the needle jumps out of the groove. The B&O tangential trackers were the only ones I found that could successfully navigate the entire disc...

Morph the Cat- Donald Fagan. I really don't care for the music, but I guess it's good for breaking in speakers, if nothing else. Erika Badu "Baduism" has deep synth bass and good music to boot. If you go for that sort of stuff.