Good bookshelf speakers for a MC240 tube amp???

I have recently inherited a McIntosh 240 tube power amp and C20 tube preamp - both are in the shop now being tuned up. So now I'm looking for a pair of bookshelf-sized speakers that will match up well with the Macs. The system will be in a small carpeted room (~10'x10') with about 7 feet between the speakers. I'd like to avoid using a sub. Listening primarily to rock and jazz (new & old) - on vinyl and cds. The MC240 is rated at 40 watts per side.

My budget is $650 max.

I'm leaning towards a pair of B&W 685's since I've seen plenty of good reviews on them, but not sure if they would be happy with tube power. I don't imagine that I'll have an opportunity to audition the speakers with my amp, so I'll be going on reviews that I read, and suggestions from folks on these boards.

I really appreciate your input!
Call me crazy, but I would be looking for an Acoustic Suspension speaker, something along the lines of an old NHT SuperOne or maybe even an NHT SB3, hell even the current NHT Classic Two. All would be well below the $650 that you have budgeted and should work and sound very well with your Macs in a small room with the jazz and rock you like to listen to. I would imagine it would be a very musical sounding system. And the money you save, you can invest it into buying more music.
I used a Mac MC-225 with a pair of Spica TC-50's in a small room and it was the best sound I had. Still sorry I sold everything. but bought a new home and had a much bigger room to fill.