Good budget alternative IC's with Shindo preamp

I have a Shindo Aurieges L (linestage). Acquired it just a bit ago and am very happy with the sound. A very 'involving' preamp is a good summation. Shindo, I've read and heard, seems to be more finicky (for lack of a better term) with associated cabling and gear. For cabling, the Auditorium 23 and Shindo brands are all that I've read as endorsments for IC's, however both are too expensive ($795 and $979 per meter respectively). I'm looking for something closer to the $200 range or less. In this price range, used is fine.

I have been obsessively at the audio game for perhaps a couple years now, enjoying the journey, so I would think my rig still a work in progress. Perhaps there is no cabling at this price range that others know of to synergize particularly well with Shindo gear, but thought I'd ask.

So far the system consists of:
Shindo Aurieges-L
Musical Fidelity a308cr cd player
Nuforce 8.02 class D amps
Usher 6381 3-way speakers
Zu Oxyfuels and Julian cabling

Music tastes revolve mostly around the "rock" genre, which is broad and I like all of it: typical rock, but also classical, acoustic, blues, alt-country, male/female, etc.
Good point Restock, I am just a little overzealous about the GG (it trounced Audio Note, Acoustic Zen and Audience in my system), no I have not heard the Shindo
Clarification. The DH labs IC I have not heard with the Shindo preamp. But I have to agree with Restock on the Au24.
Maybe not the direct user experience you are looking for, but I liked my Vh Audio pulsars with eichmans quite a bit between my monarchy nm24 and shindo montille.

(Modded squeezebox>monarchy nm24> shindo montille>devore gibbon 8's)
Restock, thanks for making that point earlier. I was wondering the same thing-- general recommendations vs Shindo-specific. I've also gotten 2 direct emails from audiogon dealers smelling blood in the water wanting to sell me their cables. Ill chalk it up to the economy making everyone nuts.

I believe both Aud 23 and Shindo brands are a silver/copper mix, FWIW. In the past, any pure silver cabling I had in my system tended on the bright and lean side, though have not tried silver cables with Shindo. Ultimate Cables, who advertise here on the gon, make a pure silver/copper mix at prices that make you look twice. I started another thread here about those cables specifically, but only got 2 responses. Anyone experience those or other decently priced hybrids?

I may be asking too broad a question, as I realize the answer is largely contingent on the sonic nature of the source and output components -- in my case digital in and class D out; Shindo gear is all tubed. But Shindo gear plays by its own rules (ie sounding best with it's funky stock cord and placed on wood on its own feet) hence the cause for my question. Just trying to make an educated guess with the Shindo element in the mix.
I am using the Shindo IC's with my Shindo. You may want to check out Greg Straley's Reality cables. A friend of mine is using these with his Aurieges. I have not heard them to compare with Shindo but they are rather inexpensive. Another is the Teresonic Clarison cables. They are a little more expensive but still less than Shindo.