Good cartridge for the VPI Classic 1 turntable.

Hi. I am about to pull the trigger on the VPI Classic (1) turntable. Two questions -- 1) which MC cartridge works well? As for a MM I understand that the Clearaudio Maestro (wood) performs well. Your thoughts? 2) my budget for a phono preamp is about $700.00. What would be a good match. I like to listen to Steely Dan (AJA), the Beatles, Holly Cole, Louis Armstrong, etc. I'm not into classical music. I have a Primaluna Dialogue II with NOS tubes, Sonus Faber Cremona Auditor speakers with Kimber Kable Monicle X spkr wires. My other choice is to buy the Clearaudio Concept table with their Maestro (wood) MM cartridge. Is the Project Tube Box II phono preamp a good match for either of these fine tables? Thank you for your comments and insight. Cal.
Be daring. Try a Shure 97. I know, I know, a low cost cartridge sounds like a 'cost' mismatch to the Classic. The beauty of first using the '97' is that you get to practice set up, in real time. If the sound disappoints, you can always use it as a backup unit. The 97 is very friendly to all phono stages so it is ideal in getting started.
Dramapyshco, I have a VPI/Dynavector 20xl cartridge as my back up. It is made for this tt/arm combo. Very good, very reasonable. For my system I went to the Soundsmith VPI cartridge which mates with my taste a bit better. If interested in my vpi/dyna, let me know.

I have been using the low output version of the Benz Micro Gullwing and have been very impressed as the hours have begun to add up. It is getting sweeter all the time and is very revealing, fast and interfaces well with my other components.
I would like to recommend the soundsmith line of cartridges. They are well worth a look. I used a soundsmith Boheme on my classic with great results. Others have been very happy with the Zephyr which was designed for the JMW uni-pivots. Give them a look.