Good CD Player under $800.00 used

Hello, I have been using a CAL Icon mk2 with powerboss hdcd for about 10 years. Sounded so good I never thought about upgrading until now. Upgrading to a diff amp soon as well. Anyway what are some of the best candidates under about $800.00 used? Thanks
At $909 at CDW, I'm closing in on your price.
Oh, man, I had the Icon 2 long ago also.
Brings back memories.
Yeah, I 2nd the Sony (I have one), or maybe a used Marantz.
I must say I am a reluctant to sell it, but its time for an upgrade. I've been out of the audio game for several years so I appreciate all the help. Can Someone chime in on what I should list the cal player for? it has the powerboss. Thanks
You might find a JAS Musik 1.2 at the top of your price range.It is one of my favorite players at any price!!!