Good CDTransport (player) without DAC?

Hello, i have a great DAC Streamer (Elac DDP2), but now I an looking for an additional device to read CDs, but it does not need to have a DAC. 

Can you recommend a good price based CD Transport/Player? The CD reading quality should be good, but no need to spend money for an internal DAC as I have the DDP2. Would be nice if it also looks good, and not too old fashion. 

I found the
- Pro-Ject CD Box S2
- Pro-Ject DS2T

but the reviews are not saying a lot, especially ratings are medium low. Whats is your idea?
Thank you all for the info and thanks twoleftears on the heads up on the Cyrus.  After some more “studying”, I have narrowed it down to the Audiolab 6000 CDt and the CXC.  Probably go with the 6000...  Thanks again.
The single best transport you can buy at ANY price is, sadly, not presently being manufactured. But if you can find one in a dealer’s inventory jump on it. It’s the PS Audio DMP player. They were sourcing their drives from OPPO which closed up shop, so until they can find another transport drive as reliable they’ve held off making more units. It will blow your mind. 
Thanks for all your great replays so far. I am not an expert, so i really appreciate your input. From the view of a dummy I actually learnt thats its really not easy to „just play a CD“ - so i have another question. 

1) Skip CDs and stream: How about focusing on a good streamer and a good dac, and just use Tidal and Qobuz digital music? I guess the masters files come from studios, so even no CD in the chain. And maybe some other songs come from CD which they have transfered to digital files, but hopefully with perfect CD reading equipment. Is this a way to get better sound or will a CD still win the race?

2) Whats the best output of a CD transport to minimize jitter? I learnt here from „itsjustme“ the complication with jitter, and that coax or optical are not great in that. How about this I2S output, as timing and sound are separated? Will the dac eg my Elac DD2 take over the control with his great clock or will there be no difference to optical?

Try Audio Research CDT-1.  No, they're not manufactured anymore, but are 'tank-tough,' built to lofty standards, look beautiful still (at least to me) and have numerous playback modes and a have decent display.  It doesn't' have a USB port though if that's important to you.  I think they're going for 600-800 USD in the used market.