Good CDTransport (player) without DAC?

Hello, i have a great DAC Streamer (Elac DDP2), but now I an looking for an additional device to read CDs, but it does not need to have a DAC. 

Can you recommend a good price based CD Transport/Player? The CD reading quality should be good, but no need to spend money for an internal DAC as I have the DDP2. Would be nice if it also looks good, and not too old fashion. 

I found the
- Pro-Ject CD Box S2
- Pro-Ject DS2T

but the reviews are not saying a lot, especially ratings are medium low. Whats is your idea?
Yes, the Jay’s Audio cdt2 mk.2 has I2S outputs and is an excellent transport.
I like it better than my PS Audio DMP.
Anybody needs a DMP let me know, I’ll give you a good price.
Thank you, I saw the $299 and almost bought the last one...I have decided to go with the Audiolab, to arrive Wednesday.  Don t know if any breaking will be needed but will start listening right away.  I thank all those who contributed to the cause.  Many thanks,

Snopro, how much do you want for the PS audio? I think it will be above my budget, but lets see :)
Update with the Audiolab 6000CDT:

I had been looking for reasonably priced/quality transport, I was even contemplating purchasing a used and proven models.  I am so glad I went this direction as the player worked well right out of the box.  There will probably be some "break-in" for the electrical insides to an even increased performance, we shall will see.  If not, the playback is faultless and the sound connected to my amp is incredible.  The only qualm I have (had) was the slot loading mechanism, this is my first for a player/transport.  All my previous players were either top loading or front tray loading and I have had a few.

This unit has an ability to sound as good as your DAC, and I might say it's sound compares to my best I have ever owned and I am completely satisfied with the performance.  The casework build, the controls, and details are solid, and shows exceptional quality control and simple function and beauty.  I might add that there are many unused buttons on the remote, assuming you dont use the matching combo like the 6000 Amp/DAC etc, but thats not really an issue for me, just mention. You won't make a better choice than this for just a basic solid transport that does all the little things right.   Cheers


I was going to recommend my transport, but I don't think you want to spend that much.