Good DVD Concert?

I bought the U2 Live in Boston DVD awhile ago (when it first came out) and am impressed everytime I watch it.

Does anyone know of any similar DVD productions of single concerts (not compilations of many concerts or music videos) which are of such excellent quality? I bought the Yes: Symphonic Live concert DVD and was dissappointed in the lack of energy that I immediately put it on Ebay after I watched it. It makes me not even want to listen to my YES CD's.

I want something similar to the U2 DVD, high energy and emotion with excellent sound and video shots as well. Of course the music is important too! I like rock music (or otherwise upbeat stuff).

Thanks in advance.
Morcheeba, "Parts of the Process". Very well recorded and mastered in dd5.1 Surround. Not TECHNO at all. Very good musicianship on stage too. You will become a fan if you have a good player.

I was happily surprised to play this on my system.
I would love to see more contributions to this thread!

Here is one from me from recent times, will be back with more suggestions later.

Sting - Live in Berlin
Pink Floyd "Pulse".

Part of this concert has them doing the complete DSOTM album from starting heartbeat to the finish.
Most of my favorites have been mentioned. Here are a few more.

Clapton unplugged
Clapton's Crossroads guitar festival. Filmed in Texas
Kiss unplugged