Good FM tuner for around $1K

I’m looking for a decent FM tuner, would like to spend less than $1200 if possible. Used is ok, maybe even preferable. Any advice, or recommendations would be helpful and appreciated.
+1 on Accuphase. I have two T101's. The T 100 is even better. Great sound and locks on to stations.
Having lived in good DXR locations I used many tuners.Depending on what you are listening and where you live would help you determine what you may like in a tuner. 
I have a Pioneer TX-9100. Go find the best picture you can on-line, mine's better. I'm the original owner. $250 plus shipping. A solid +3dB on the Cool Factor Meter.
Old kenwood tuners some of the best I’ve ever had. Sansui, accuphase, luxman and McIntosh awesome as well. You should do very well on your budget. 
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