Good integraded w/ over 3 optical and a USB input?

Looking for a decent integrated amp to get feeds from a PS3, TIVO, SONOS, and computer NAS w/ lossless files.
They all use optical inputs and I'm having a hard time finding something decent that has all that.
I'm driving a pair of dynaudio C1's and was going to get a pass x250.5 but don't know anything about pre's so just thought go for an integrated.
Thanks for any guidance!
I am unaware of any 2-channel integrated amps that have multiple optical inputs and a usb input. There are a few integrated amps out there that have either one coax or optical input or a usb input, but I'm not familiar with any that have both.

If you think about it, in general, high quality 2-channel audio pieces typically only house one function within the box, i.e. pre-amp, amp, DAC, cd player, etc. An integrated amp places two functions inside one box (pre-amp, amp). In order to have optical inputs and a usb input, you would be placing yet another function (DAC) inside the same box. Digital technology changes rapidly, so you would possibly be obsoleting a product by putting the DAC function into the same box with the pre-amp and amp. I don't think many high-end audio manufactures are going to go that route.

In general, multiple optical inputs (and potentially USB inputs) are still in the realm of the HT receiver, not high end integrated amplifiers.

YMMV, IMHO, I'm not familiar with every audio product ever made, etc., etc., etc........
Oh, I see. Okay, so I need a DAC with multiple inputs feeding into an integrated amp I guess. Thank you for the help!
Yes, a DAC with multiple optical inputs and a usb input, connected to an integrated amp would do the trick. However, I'm also not familiar with any DACs that have 3 optical inputs as well as a usb input. There might be one out there, but I'm not familiar with it. You may be able to find a DAC with optical input and usb input and then add an optical switch connected to the optical input on the dac, in order to get the 3 needed connections. Otherwise, you're going to be swapping cables......