Good integraded w/ over 3 optical and a USB input?

Looking for a decent integrated amp to get feeds from a PS3, TIVO, SONOS, and computer NAS w/ lossless files.
They all use optical inputs and I'm having a hard time finding something decent that has all that.
I'm driving a pair of dynaudio C1's and was going to get a pass x250.5 but don't know anything about pre's so just thought go for an integrated.
Thanks for any guidance!
Oh, I see. Okay, so I need a DAC with multiple inputs feeding into an integrated amp I guess. Thank you for the help!
Yes, a DAC with multiple optical inputs and a usb input, connected to an integrated amp would do the trick. However, I'm also not familiar with any DACs that have 3 optical inputs as well as a usb input. There might be one out there, but I'm not familiar with it. You may be able to find a DAC with optical input and usb input and then add an optical switch connected to the optical input on the dac, in order to get the 3 needed connections. Otherwise, you're going to be swapping cables......
Check out the Peachtree Audio Nova integrated amp for $1200. Killer sounding new ESS 9006 Sabre DAC. Great sounding hybrid pre-amp section with a switchable in or out 6922 tube. It's also a Headphone amp and has pre-outs for a subwoofer, to add a larger power amp or to bi-amp. It has 3 analog inputs (1 with a HT bypass), 4 digital inputs (2 Coaxial & 2 Optical) and 1 USB input. You can buy Coaxial to Optical adapters for your other Optical inputs.

Several of my speaker customers are using the Nova as their DAC & Pre-amp and are very pleased with it. It also sounds very good with its 80 watts per channel Mos-Fet amp! Google it for more info & reviews, Music Direct carries them.