Good looking and sounding amp?

I want to spend around $2000 for a stereo amp or $4000 for a 5ch amp. Anyone has suggestions for a good amp that is also easy on eyes? Thanks, Shenzhi
I agree with sheadlee. The stratos amps are unique in that they give you a lazer engraved back lit "odyssey" logo that really makes the amp look great. I have just purchased this amp and I am on my second week of breaking it in. The stratos is basically a German symphonic line amp that is made in the U.S. You cant go wrong with this amp. The sound quality and build quality are phenomenal! It looks like a $4,000 dollar amp and in most cases sounds like a $5000.00 dollar unit. Caution! If you call Klaus and ask to try it out, you will not send it back. Guaranteed! P.S also comes with a 20 year warranty if your looking for piece of mind.
Go with the Electrocompaniet ECI-3. Winner of the swimsuit competition all the way. Identical to their 2K line stage, but with a balanced 70 wt amp incld. I just got one and love it. If you don't need the power of 150 watt/ch this will get you almost as close to the high end as say the Plinius 8150 for 1k less.
Audio Refinement for the 5 Channel. It is also under 4K. The Electrocompaniet is a good choice. Brystons are always in the running...