Good Match for BlueSound PowerNode 2i

A couple of weeks ago, I started a discussion around an office system with a minimal budget.  At the time, I was considering a set of SONOS ($400) speakers or a Yamaha 301BL ($300)  paired with Polk speakers ($339).

Since then I have uppded the budget and am leaning toward an BlueSound PowerNode 2i with either KREF LS50s or B&W 606s.  

I thought about the KREF  LS50W and the KREF LSX (nice price of $1000).  However, I have shied away from those options because of zero upgrade options.f

I am fairly settled on the PowerNode, but would consider a different setup.  My requirements are that it should be able to power the aforementioned speakers, and the amp should be ROON ready.  I like the PowerNode form factor, but I do have room for a larger box.  Budget does need to stay at around $2000.  I would consider used gear.  Time frame to pull the trigger is about 2 weeks (or around 4/9/2020).  

Given that listening to the components from disparate manufacturers can be difficult in the best of times, and with social distancing, these are not the best of times for that activity, my purchase would need to be made somewhere where returns are accepted.

It would be great if someone had experience with the above systems or something else that meets the criteria and doesn't blow the budget.  
I have noticed there is a pair of B&W 805 Matrix speakers for about $1,100.  How would you rate that speaker as compared to the 606 or PS50 with modest power (about 60 watts?) 

I think you will love your PowerNode 2i. I have ELAC Debut 6.2 speakers Attached to mine and they are sublime.  Maybe upgrade to the UniFi if you want to spend more money. But honestly I think it’s overkill.  
I've got the Elac Debut Reference DBR62 with a Powernode 2 in a second system.  Very good match.