Good Match for Soliloquy 6.3's and Luxman R-117?

I have a pair of Soliloquy 6.3's and an older classic Luxman amp (a nice "warm" sounding combination). I am currently using a very modest pair of Esoteric Audio cables but I would like to upgrade. I can bi-wire but several have warned me against "internal" biwire and I am not ready to incorporate a double run yet. Therefore a single wire configuration will be just fine. I'm looking to spend up to $350 on the used market.

BTW, I should also upgrade my interconnect (now a cheap Monster) so I also need advice on a good cable/interconnect match too. Any and all suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!
I've got Soliloquy 5.3s and am very happy with Acoustic Zen Satori cables, which you may be able to find used in your price range. I know Soliloquy has used AZ cables at shows in the past, so apparently they feel there is a synergy there too. I'd also recommend auditioning their new Matrix and Silver Reference interconnects. I use the Silver Ref from CDP to pre and Matrix Ref from pre to amp and it's a yummy combo(Silver provides lots of detail and Matrix allows midrange to really sing). Best of luck.

I have 6.3s and am using a double run of Kimber 4TC, but this is an area in which I am also considering an upgrade. I am using Acoustic Zen Matrix Reference ICs and am considering their Satori speaker cables. I am also looking at Analysis Plus Oval 9 cables.