good monitor speaker for a large room

my room have a 20feet x 20feet whith cathedral top. I search for a monitor speaker whit rock bass my budget is between 1k$ to 3k$ used. Any sugestion please
Forgot to mention with the S25's you really want the stand4 to attach them. I would also fill the posts with sand to weigh them down.
You may want to consider the Totem Mani-2. With enough power driving it, it will fill your room with solid bass. No need for subwoofer.
Active Event Opal with built-in near 500wpc of total power each plus room correction pots beats with price and performance models priced 5x as much.
No doubt different speaker and stand combinations present different requirements for optimizing their synergy. So don't just assume that heavily mass-loading the pillars of stands will dampen the bad stuff and give you the best sound. Peter Comeau, the U.K. loudspeaker designer associated with lively sounding designs at Heybrook and Mission, as well as the (apparently) strongly reviewed recent budget offering from Wharfedale, the Diamond 10.1 [I believe] recommends, instead of sand or lead shot, to use KITTY LITTER. No kidding. The idea here is that all that mass leads to energy storage and its delayed release, smearing the sound and compromising the PRaT factor.

So I'd suggest bagging that sand/shot so you can cleanly experiment. Something like 6-8" of sand & shot mixed, plus a fill of the kitty litter might -- just as one example -- give you an ideal combination of stability and speed. That energy storage factor could possibly be exacerbated by having to fill a larger room from stand mounted boxes.