Good music/audio stores in Memphis, Nashville, Florida panhandle, Central FL

Going on a lengthy trip to FL and TN. Looking for suggestions for any good audio stores or music/cd stores in either location. Looking for a tube integrated amp (new or preowned) as well as cds (jazz, blues, americana, guitar) etc. Looking to also see what I can in the way of performances, maybe get a new acoustic guitar and eat lots of bbq and Southern food.Any and all suggestions welcome. 
There is a man named Eric Lang of Wired Technology Group. They do more than just hifi, and are into theater and smart home primary. However, I bought a pair of Wilson speakers from his shop in Orlando. I believe Eric may have opened a second shop, more hifi focused, on the coast east of Orlando. Really nice guy - give him a call.  Please tell him I sent you.

eric (at) wiredtechgroup (dot com)
In central Florida's Tampa Bay/St. Pete area I'd suggest you visit the Sound Exchange on Nebraska Ave in Tampa. Mojos Books and Music in Tampa is great for vinyl but not so much for cd's. St. Petersburg has several good ones, just Google "used music cd's St. Petersburg Fl." If you're looking for an interesting place to sample southern food and Americana music in one location, check out Skippers Smokehouse in Tampa (they're real close to the Tampa Sound Exchange location.) Skippers is a local institution on the music scene and the restaurant is a real quirky funky joint. Their website lists their concert schedule.

In Orlando, I'm not that big a fan of Rock N' Roll Heaven but they've been there a long time so lots of other people must like their music selection. Park Ave Cd's in Winter Park has been an Orlando area music scene stalwart for many years as well.