Good musical sub under $500

I need to replace my crappy old AudioSource sub, my listening room is 12'X14' x9', hardwood floors (livingroom, not sure if furniture such as couches effect subs in absorbing sound as it does with mids & tweeters) . It will be 70% music so a accurate tight bass is a must,. It will be matched up with my NAD T752 A/V and Paradigm Studio 20v3s up front. MY present Audiosource I've had for years has to be turned to full volume just to add some low-end (Crossed over at 80, anything higher and you get vocals and such coming out of it, really crappy as I said lol). I had ordered a Velodyne DLS-3750R earlier in the week(cancelled my order) the more I read up on them it seems they are rather boomy and velodyne's good subs are the higher end stuff which are out of my price range. Used is ok as long as it's from a reputable dealer or owner (ebay is definitely out, really don't trust high end stuff from there). Suggestions?
A used Mirage BPS-150i is another consideration. The specs: 2 x 8 inch, bipolar, acoustic suspension, 150watts, 600watts peak. I have two of them and mate well with my Energy Veritas 2.2, ie. the high gloss black and of course the tight music.
I think that you will find Paradigm's own PDR10 or 12 to match very nicely with your Paradigm main speakers.
Sorry, no offence to anyone who owns them, but IMO Rockets = "mid-fi". (Their reference line is much better and more musical.) They will "do" for home theater but I sure wouldn't want 'em for serious music listening. The Rockets are not especially "musical" IMO.

Most of those rave reviews are from well meaning folks with little or no exposure to high end audio - people who are famililar with the kinda stuff you buy at CC or BB. They don't know enough to make meanigful comparisions and they mainly use Rockets in HT settings, so take the raves with a very several large grains of salt.

I suggest, if you will truly be using your system for 70% music, you stick with well-known "music" speaker manufacturers, preferably used e.g. REL. Otherwise you're not likely to get a "fast" and tuneful sub.

Another suggestion would be a used Alon Centris - very fast, tight and tuneful (and this one *is* musical). Probably $450 or less used.
No offense taken honestly, the Rocket UFW-10 maybe "mid-fi". Which is perfect for I feel I have what you call mid-fi equipment, hence the reason I can only afford a sub for $500 or under. True High-End listeners wouldn't set their glass on a $500 sub :). As for the reviews the one from "Goodsounds" which is not into "home theater" actually said the UFW-10 would be the perfect match for Magnepan MMG Ws which he states is hard for subs to do.I always considered Maggies as high end and out of my league $$ wise, albeit maggie owners on a budget(me again lol). I never heard Alon Centris subs but I'll take your word on them, doing a search I even see where they can be had for $300 new at CSA AUDIO, sure now you tell me about them as I sit here waiting for the UFW-10 to arrive LOL... either way I know I'll be happy, the UFW-10 should match very well with my "mid-fi" Paradigm Studio 20v3s, considering the piece of $%*! AudioSource sub I've been using LOL...
One question though Rackon, you sure your not confusing the Rocket UFW with the Rocket ULW?? it their lower sub, the UFW-10 and UFW-12 are their higher end subs..
Pmt 1209...this may be hard to believe...but the current B$W asw 600 sub($500) surpassed a HSU and a RAVA sub in my home demo...very musical...if you dont like the Rocket...check it is a sealed design...nice build...weighs 40 lbs....