Good Power Cord for TRL Modded Sony SCD-CE595???

I just got my hands on a TRL modified Sony SCD-CE595 multi-disc cd changer.

I know a lot of people have these out there. Can you recommend a good power cord to use with this?

Has anyone tried more than one p/c on this unit? If so, what worked better than what else?

No super secret and no referral fee. I'm not a dealer or anyone else who has a financial interest. Just a satisfied customer. As a matter of fact you, Soulgoober, and anyone else who wants to know the price can contact TRL directly. Paul is one of the most down to earth guys I know and will be happy to give you a quote.

I respect your opinions on this forum Grant, although I may not always agree with them. If I want to have a private conversation with a member that's my business. It's not like like I'm soliciting the member by emailing them directly. I put out an offer to communicate and if they want to contact me for additional information they can. If not so be it.
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You are right, Tvad. TRL should have a more complete web site and maybe even a forum borrowed/stolen from another site?

They really need a "for sale" area, too, for the guys that paid big bucks for a mod, waited a year to get it, just to find it was obsolete by the time it was delivered. (Oops, that is someone else).
I use Signal Cable's MagicPower Digital Reference for my TRL modded CDP with great results. IMO Paul's PC is a bit overpriced.
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