good pre amp w/digital inputs

I have 2 cdp's both have optical and coaxial outputs, looking for a good used pre w/ dig inputs in the 1000.00 range.
Nice review on the Wyred For Sound DAC 2...might look around for a used one. Currently running CDP straight to my Adcom 5500 amp with no pre using Audioquest Coral's and Speaker wire.....looking for a pre and new cables to tame my Klipsch Forte 1's.
You could just get the Audiolab 8200CDQ which is a CDP, DAC and preamp all in-one, or perhaps the Bel Canto 1.5 DAC.
Jmelet, why do you want a preamp with digital inputs? Do you think in the price range of $1,000 that the DAC in the preamp is going to be better than the DAC in your CDPs? Considering all else the preamp is responsible for?

Skip the digital inputs and just look for the best preamp you can find at your price point.

As to CDPs or DAC with volume control - be careful they are few and far between that will outproduce a comparable system using a preamp. I have OWNED some great CDPs and DACs with volume control (Wadia, Esoteric, DCS stack, EMM Labs, Mark Levinson, Audio Aero, Resollution Audio) and with only one exception, each time the CDP/DAC with volume control was improved upon with the use of a preamp.
It depends on the age of his CD players and whether the DAC has a real analog input stage as the Wyred does. Don't you think Ckoffend? I know CD players straight in to an amp usually suffers from lack of dynamics and volume.