Good Product or Nonsense?
A friend loaned me his CD cleaner. I have a photo to upload but there seems no accommodation for this.
'OPTRIX" is the name. Label says it is a clarifier, cleanser for CDs and also stops "Skipping". Cures cancer?
Comments from those who have used this please?
No idea if that product works, there are a lot of snake oil cleaning products.
But LAST offers a CD cleaner which is pretty popular. And they have a good track record with their vinyl preservative.

There has been a boatload of CD cleaners/clarifiers/improvers over the years, Optrix was one of the first, what 20 years ago, maybe 25. The best in terms of sound quality were auric Illuminator, the shark oil stuff from Nanotech, and Liquid Resolution. Positive Feedback has an article reviewing a bunch of them, Lotions Eleven.😄
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CDs are manufactured in molds … mfgers use a mold release agent in the molds to facilitate removing the CD from the Mold easily  … this agent leaves a waxy film coating behind on the CD that can degrade the sound … your first step to treating your CDs should be to use a agent that will remove this film from the mold release agent that is left behind in the mfgering process… once the mold release agent's waxy coating is removed … you can use your favorite cleaner and optical enhancer  

Here's a link to a number of products that will remove this reside

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