Good Product or Nonsense?
A friend loaned me his CD cleaner. I have a photo to upload but there seems no accommodation for this.
'OPTRIX" is the name. Label says it is a clarifier, cleanser for CDs and also stops "Skipping". Cures cancer?
Comments from those who have used this please?
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CDs are manufactured in molds … mfgers use a mold release agent in the molds to facilitate removing the CD from the Mold easily  … this agent leaves a waxy film coating behind on the CD that can degrade the sound … your first step to treating your CDs should be to use a agent that will remove this film from the mold release agent that is left behind in the mfgering process… once the mold release agent's waxy coating is removed … you can use your favorite cleaner and optical enhancer  

Here's a link to a number of products that will remove this reside

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I have used Optrix in the past, but stopped using it after it ruined a few disc surfaces - it left a haze on the surface that could not be removed. I could not say it improved the sound at all. I have used Liquid Resolution and that did improve the sound quite a bit by resulting in smoother, more open sound (less digital sounding). I would stay away from Optrix!
Something else that will improve the sound of CD's is to use a tape deck head demagnetizer on them. Turn on the demagnetizer, then slowly move it toward the disc to about an inch away. Move it around the disc in a spiral for about 10 seconds, then slowly back it away before shutting it off. This really does have a positive effect on sound quality, but don't ask why. I use a TEAC demagnetizer that I bought back in the seventies.
The weird thing is they don’t use mold release compound MRC during CD manufacture as far as I can tell. They never did. And I’ve Watched HOW THINGS ARE MADE on CDs a bunch. Besides, none of the liquids help with the scattered laser light issue, which is actually a much bigger problem. Auric Illuminator provides a black pen for the outer edge. Unfortunately black is the wrong color and degrades the sound. Oh, well, what are you gonna do?

Geoff .. I stand corrected … it's  most likely not used when they mfger  a new blank disc …  but I'm pretty sure they use a mold release agent when they make a recording on a new  blank disc … otherwise what is that clear waxy substance that comes off the disc when I use Revell to clean a new disc 

I think washing in warm water and dish washing detergent will accomplish the same thing