Good Product or Nonsense?
A friend loaned me his CD cleaner. I have a photo to upload but there seems no accommodation for this.
'OPTRIX" is the name. Label says it is a clarifier, cleanser for CDs and also stops "Skipping". Cures cancer?
Comments from those who have used this please?
Thanks @inna . Might try the Auric. But not into using a Sharpie on my CDs, many of them are collectables.

I have used Optrix and/or other products for years and have found that in most cases an improvement in audio/video performance can be predictably achieved. Getting the right combination of 'tweaks' for a given system takes some time and patience, but the results can be stunning. I'm always amazed at audiophiles who will spend multiple thousands for an equipment upgrade when the potential of their existing system was never really explored.  
Back in the late 80’s a high end audio shop in Phoenix recommended Armorall on our CD’s.
I have read that you shouldn’t use Armor All. That it has some longterm detrimental effect. I never tried it myself.

I believe that the rationale for disc treatment is that the polycarbonate surface is rough, microscopically speaking, and treatments give you a smoother surface causing less scattering/better focusing of the laser.

Did I just agree with Geoff???