Good question, lots of answers.

I've owned a pair of Legacy Classics for over 5 years now and have no intention of 'upgrading'. Granted, they are large (110#) but they are full range and ruthlessly accurate (no more than down .2db @ 22) but rewarding as ever when good source materail is used. Sometimes they even 'dissappear', which is a hard act to do. Once you've listened to a good, full-range system, its hard to go back to anything that doesn't convey the full intent of what the artist originally intended. I hope that doesn't sound elitest, just truthful. They now cost about $700 more than what I paid but you may be able to find someone who can audition them for you. I was lucky enough to do just that before I bought mine: the guy had a CD of Nat King Cole that was accidentally remastered without the trademark 'echo' used at the time and it seemed that he was actually in the room with me, crooning away. It sent chills down my spine and I was sold right then and there. Granted, some old 20 watt Macs were driving them effortlessly so that helped in creating the illusion but man, o man. What glorious sound. On an aside, the recording engineer (I forget his name) bought a pair of Legacys himself once he heard them and he's been around a long time (Eagles, Steely Dan, etc) and now he remasters. Hope this helps.
You should study the in-room frequency response charts of various Legacy models. While nobody can deny that some folks like them, there's plenty of evidence to support the fact that they are anything BUT "accurate" or "transparent". If you were able to get rid of the +6 to +8 dB bass hump that they exhibit at appr 100 - 120 Hz, i think that you'll find that they sound a helluva lot better. Stuffing your ports may help somewhat but it's not a cure-all. Sean
Sean, Nonoise, I wonder, again, (and I've said it, as well) what an audiophool means by "accurate" or "ruthlessly accurate?" Is that a subjective call? Obviously you guys are on not on the same page, as far as "accuracy" goes. I belive Sean has quite a bit of listening experience with these speakers? Is there a listening bench mark to accuracy? I've heard speakers that audiophools have raved about. I mean, went gaga over, and they didn't do it for me on many of the levels they raved about, including accuracy. I believe my ears and trust them. Could they be wrong? And then, does that matter if I'm grooving to my system? Lots of questions, I realize. Just someplace to take this thread that may help me with/understand my "accuracy" rap. thanks in advance..peace, warren
Oz, I figured it out. Nonoise thinks this forum works like AA. He types responses in the subject line and starts a new subject. Look at his other threads. A pattern emerges.