Good speaker selector box

I recently moved to a home with 6 pairs of in wall speakers. Of course I now need a speaker selector box. How important is it to get a box that does impedance matching and has volume controls for each channel? Any advice on this issue I know nothing about is appreciated? Any recommended models?

Niles is probably one of the better ones. They have them with and without gain control. You should get ones with protection for low impedance if you are connecting all 6 pairs to one (or even 2) amps.
Just picked up a Parasound Zselect speaker box from Audio Advisor B-stock for 90 clams. Hope it works well. Any comments on this unit? It had impedance protection.
That sounds pretty good. I did not know parasound made one of these, but I have always thought they provided good value / performance ratios--so you should be pretty happy with it.
I use a Bryston unit with three selectors. I think they make a larger one as well. No impedence matching, no volume controls. Expensive. I did some research on them about a year ago and read a couple of comments in the trade rags, and in real-world reviews that claimed no coloration using the Bryston. It works well for my purposes, which are rather simplistic. I believe Niles Audio makes all kinds of selectors which do include impedence matching, but that necessarily means putting something in the signal path. If I understand it correctly, the only time you'd need this is if you were running more than one set of speakers at the same time. I never do this so it is not an issue. If your speakers are simply for ambience I would not think much of this may be at issue at all. If they are for hardcore two-channel listening at one or more selector positions, you may want to research your options carefully.