Good speakers for Defy7

Hi Guys,
Would like your opinions on this. What speakers have you heard in partners with the Jadis Defy 7 that you think is well matched to the Amp.
Audio Physic Avanti III, Wilson Watt/Puppy, JMLabs Utopia and Vandersteen 5A all mate will with the Defy 7.
I concur with Narrod assessments of the speaker choices. if within you budget? take a long hard look at the Wilson's Watt/Puppies, they will mate up very well that the Defy. As a matter of fact "Brooks" of Brooks Berdan LTD. Took "The best of sound" at a early CES (1992 I think?) with that same set up! must be a reason... also just out of curiosity what Mark is your Defy, 2-3-4? I may have some suggestions on the tubes for you, or perhaps member Rcprince can weigh in on this one?
I am not sure if it is the latest model. I brought it 2nd hand. It marked DA7 at the back but doesn't have 'luxe'. I am in Sydney so the model might be different.
I've got a Defy 7 arriving this week. I will use my Thor's until I can find funds for one of Tyler's models. Either his Linbrook Sig Sys, or his newest model, Woodmere 2's. Thats later in the yr though. Should be a nice match.