Good Speakers for Rock and Roll Under 15K

I have nice speakers for acoustics, jazz, vocals, etc. but are not great for rock and roll.  Would welcome any recommendations for speakers that do a great job with classic rock and roll.  I will add some components in my system that might influence thinking:

New Audio Frontiers Tube Preamp, New Audio Frontiers 845 Tube Power Amp, Lampizator Atlantic DAC, Innuos Zenith Streamer, Tchernov cables.


I agree with a tube pre and SS amp.

I also agree with horn speakers. I have a pair of Volti that I enjoy with all types of music. JBL are nice, although never had opportunity to spend any length of time with them. I guy I know in my area has a set of Rethm Saadhana he is selling for a fair price on another audio site in the US. They are also very nice and I have often spent time listening to then in his system. I dont really ever see Volti on sale used, but a new pair of Rivals are only slightly above your price. Good luck on your journey

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Pioneer HPM-100 speakers are suitable for many genres of music.  They sound great with The Who, Black Sabbath, Kraftwerk, Public Enemy, Ry Cooder, classical, etc.

JBL 3900 $11K/or or JBL 4367 $16K/pr. And I'm a British speaker and Magneplanar guy mostly. But if you want to rock with something that aren't rip your ears off harsh, these bigger JBLs have got it covered. Especially with 25 (tube) watts per channel.