Good Speakers for Rock and Roll Under 15K

I have nice speakers for acoustics, jazz, vocals, etc. but are not great for rock and roll.  Would welcome any recommendations for speakers that do a great job with classic rock and roll.  I will add some components in my system that might influence thinking:

New Audio Frontiers Tube Preamp, New Audio Frontiers 845 Tube Power Amp, Lampizator Atlantic DAC, Innuos Zenith Streamer, Tchernov cables.




How about Altec a7 driven by Line Magnetic 508 (48 watts tube SET amp)?




This one was driven by Rogue Cronus Magnum II.


But I found that Line Magnetic 508 has better control of bass than Rogue.



I have Magnepan 1.7is and 2 subs and mostly what we listen to. Tube amp Class AB/D amp hybrid. Had all kinds of speakers over the years and these are the best esp for the price. However, you need a LOT of power and current to play loud - which I do and do lol  

Vivid Audio Kaya 25 for 11k…spend 3k on a rel sub like an S512 for $2749!

it will crush any of these other “ideas” they are giving you.

yes they are not super sensitive at 86DB

yes they will work fine with your 25W tube amp that is class A and has 4x the current of an ab amp giving it as much drive as a 100W ab amp!

no I am not lying because you will get a Rel Sub with it!

yes the rel sub will be fast as hell and integrate better than the Cheapo T grade ones.

yes this is better than a 15k tower rock out speaker with cheaper parts that won’t have full range from said cheap parts and compromises and will not beat the sub in bass. the review on ulfberht in stero times.great for the money.eric the owner is bright and good to work with.just listened to prototype  with hemp midwoofer and horn with sub was fantastic.enjoy the music