Good Speakers for Rock and Roll Under 15K

I have nice speakers for acoustics, jazz, vocals, etc. but are not great for rock and roll.  Would welcome any recommendations for speakers that do a great job with classic rock and roll.  I will add some components in my system that might influence thinking:

New Audio Frontiers Tube Preamp, New Audio Frontiers 845 Tube Power Amp, Lampizator Atlantic DAC, Innuos Zenith Streamer, Tchernov cables.


My two picks if it were me are the Devore O/96's and the Volti Rival. The Rival is $1,000 over budget and if you are strictly limiting yourself to 15K, than the Razz would be just fine.

I really have no clue why I am diving into this thread-the simple truth is that if you match a good loudspeaker correctly with your amp and room, you will be fine regardless of genre. 

Oh, I know why I dived in to this thread. At Axpona one year I heard the O/96's and could not get over how fun they are with rock music.  

+ whatever for Volti Audio Rivals. Other than some big JBL’s, old Altecs, the bigger two Klipsch’s, the Rivals will kick the most if not all of the others mentioned to the curb & sound very good doing so. They’re not crazy big or funny looking,  not crazy expensive ( relative) & are very happy up loud w/ non - heroic amplification.  They’re are certainly worth a serious audition. 

JBL 4367 would be at the top of my list. Dynaudio active monitors would also be a consideration. Vintage JBL, 43xx line, would knock your socks off if you can find them in original condition.