Good Speakers for Rock and Roll Under 15K

I have nice speakers for acoustics, jazz, vocals, etc. but are not great for rock and roll.  Would welcome any recommendations for speakers that do a great job with classic rock and roll.  I will add some components in my system that might influence thinking:

New Audio Frontiers Tube Preamp, New Audio Frontiers 845 Tube Power Amp, Lampizator Atlantic DAC, Innuos Zenith Streamer, Tchernov cables.


I don't think you are going to be in a room and picturing where the lead guitar is vs the bass guitar. 

@willgolf This suggests to me that you've not heard every rock recording out there. I run a studio; we pay attention to where we place instruments in the mix as do many studios! We record the drums with only 2 mics so we get as natural a sound out of them as possible.

You might try playing side one of Islands by King Crimson. This starts out as a jazzy piece and its very well recorded. It transitions to a pretty intense rock sound featuring multiple Mellotron tracks. It has depth and imaging. You might also try a good copy of ELP's first album... I can go on; I hope you get the point.

Ascend Acoustics Sierra Tower ELX with either the Titan dome or RAAL ribbon tweeter.

If interested in a bookshelf, their Sierra LX


I will gladly take a listen to the King Crimson album.  King Crimson in general is a very different type of rock similar to Pink Floyd.   I have been  a fan of King Crimson.

If I were to just listen to rock.....Van Halen, Bob Seger, Jethro Tull, Who, Rolling Stones, Bon Jovi, Metallica etc etc, then I would just get a good SS amp and dynamic-sounding speakers.  Again, that would just be my preference and it would have saved me thousand of

On my system, which is Aries Cerat amplification, Lampi Horizon DAC, Lucas Audio Music Server, and Viking Acoustic Dual Horn Grande Voix speakers.(soon to be Aries Cerat Aurora speakers), I just have not heard many rock songs that from the production level just wow me.  But when I have friends over and they want to blast that type of music they love it.  

It boils down to my tastes during a critical listening session are different than anyone else.  Everyone has their tastes.  Cheers


It’s obvious that a few here have never really listened to Rock, otherwise they would not be recommending Vandersteen, Volti and other speakers that were voiced with Classical and Jazz. I owned 2 pairs of Vandersteen and they sucked on Rock.  You need a speaker that puts out a big sound and inefficient Vandersteen will not do it.  When I talk Rock, I am thinking along the lines of LED Zepp, PF, Nirvana, etc. Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan and even C,S&N are lighter rock and may be suitable to the “other” speakers mentioned but not for real Rock.  My 2 cents worth.