Good Speakers for Rock and Roll Under 15K

I have nice speakers for acoustics, jazz, vocals, etc. but are not great for rock and roll.  Would welcome any recommendations for speakers that do a great job with classic rock and roll.  I will add some components in my system that might influence thinking:

New Audio Frontiers Tube Preamp, New Audio Frontiers 845 Tube Power Amp, Lampizator Atlantic DAC, Innuos Zenith Streamer, Tchernov cables.



I looked back at your recommendations and must disagree with your inclusion of Volti as not being appropriate. That could not be further from the truth.

@gregjacob Wrote:

I have nice speakers for acoustics, jazz, vocals, etc. but are not great for rock and roll. 

What speakers do you presently use?


I think you might have missed the mark. Truly good or excellent speakers will sound good with any type of music. This of course assumes that the system can provide the needed power, and finesse. Brands that can do this: Dynaudio, Magico, Wilson, Magnepan, Raidho, MBL..

It sure ain’t so...Let us try and explore that a bit

Start here....Play this at about to 90+ to 95 db avg (let the peaks fall where they may) on the MBL, Magnepan, Dyn crapaudio, Harbeth, etc, for starters. You will want to toss all of them in the trash can.

Joe Satriani - Devil Slide

Ozzy Osbourne - Desire

If you play such tracks on a Schweikert 55, Borresen, JTR, some of the JBL synthesis, some of the higher end PA speakers, etc, you may now feel like hanging on to that speaker...

But, if a dude’s listening to Diana Krappa Krall wailing away at 60db...any wet noodle speaker will work just fine...

When I get home, i will post many, many more tracks that are designed to just expose/kill all the wet noodle speakers out there and determine if your speakers can stand the acid tests or not for certain types of music...might help rehabilitate y’all from the Diana Krapparall @ 60db (playin it safe all day long)...

There is no such thing as truly excellent crap that worked brilliantly for any kind of music.