Good speakers under 10K.

Looking for my first pair of decent stereo speakers. Will be buying used, my budget is around 4-7k, so I'm interested in speakers below 10k. I may not be able to audition the speakers given my current location.

1) My sound preferences would be something that is rather true to the source, having adequate detail yet not being overly detailed. Hopefully striking a good balance between precise analytic sound and overly colored. However, I don't mind a speaker slightly to the warm end of neutral if it is not muddy or veiled. I want to avoid overly hyped or harsh speakers with fatiguing top ends, and I like my treble smooth and natural and not overly pronounced. The speakers have to be musical also.

My musical tastes are varied. Mainly electronic, rock, acoustic, classical, soundtrack and world.

Can someone help me decide?


From your description, if you have the room, Vandy 5 should be a good match but that is what I use so I could be biased. You also need to have the right amp. What do you use right now?
I'd second the Vandy recommendation and off the top of my head add Rockport, Nola, DeVore, and Joseph Audio as some other brands worth exploring. Best of luck.
The Vandersteen 5 is definitely a good recommendation IF you can find them within your budget. The Harbeth SHL5 would also work though they're probably the extreme end of the warm/forgiving side of things that you might consider within your price range. I'd also suggest looking into the Vaughn Cabernet. There's really too many options to narrow it down without knowing more about your room and other equipment.
Depends on your room and amp. Subject to that, I think Dali Helicon 400 mk2 is a speaker that has attributes that closely match what you are seeking. Try the 800 if you have a bigger room and powerful amp.