Good Stereo Speakers for outside use during BBQs, evening pot luck dinners etc

I want to purchase (preferably used) a pair of good speakers to place in our back yard for get togethers with friends. I would like speakers that resolve well with clean highs and decent bass but nothing on the level of very high end. I will probably be running around 40 ft of speaker wire from a Pass X250.8

I'm just looking to have quality music in the back yard to enjoy with food, drink and non-audiophile friends. Easy set up and take down is desired as I really don't want to schlep my Vandersteen's in and out of the house every time I want music outside. Any suggestions for speakers and wire would be appreciated.


If they would work for you I put a pair of wall mounted Polk Atrium 6 speakers out on the deck this year.

These were a steal, highly rated, and replaced a pair of years old Minimus 7s that finally weathered out.

These have a bit of a clean but tipped up bass that is useful outside where there are no room acoustics to help reinforce the bass. Very nice outside top to bottom with good dispersion which helps. Vocals in particular are crystal clear.

Going the Bluetooth route, Harman Kardon Onyx Studio puts out a lot of very good sound and also will not break the bank.
TIC Outdoor Omni directional GS38
i have used these for installing friends outdoor sound system . Rotel Preamp Emotiva XPA 2 and speaker switch box with volume control. These speakers are used in all the theme parks and also the Gardens at the palace of Versailles. My friends Boss was over his house and couldn’t believe how good it sounded compared to his $11,000  set up
Used to set up my old American Acoustics party speakers outside for parties and just jamming while gardening.  Pretty large back yard for the city.  Not audiophile inside, but I was actually impressed how decent they sounded outside.  No reflections to worry about.  8" woofer actually does pretty tight bass and mids not horrible.  Tweeters a bit harsh but better outside.  Not too many parties lately and too lazy to pull them out for gardening.  But I should one of these days, maybe this weekend.  Have considered taking my big Snells outside but never got around to it.  Give it a try, you will probably be surprised.  It's a fun experiment at the very least.  

+1 on the JBL bluetooth speakers.  I have two of the Charge and they don't sound bad at all so I just use those lately.   
+1 for @mapman ‘s suggestion for Polk Atrium 6’s. I’ve had them outdoors for 5 years, without a problem. I actually enjoy their sound regardless of being an outdoor speaker.
I also use a pair of Definitive Technologies AW6500’s as well. Really impressive sound, weatherproof build. a bit awkward to setup if you’re going to be moving them back and forth though.