Good Stereo Speakers for outside use during BBQs, evening pot luck dinners etc

I want to purchase (preferably used) a pair of good speakers to place in our back yard for get togethers with friends. I would like speakers that resolve well with clean highs and decent bass but nothing on the level of very high end. I will probably be running around 40 ft of speaker wire from a Pass X250.8

I'm just looking to have quality music in the back yard to enjoy with food, drink and non-audiophile friends. Easy set up and take down is desired as I really don't want to schlep my Vandersteen's in and out of the house every time I want music outside. Any suggestions for speakers and wire would be appreciated.


“Check out JBL’s portable Bluetooth speakers“

Agreed just bought a JBL Charge 4 ($129), very happy with the sound and portability.

Anything that will survive the weather and produce sound. Remember when you are out side you are never in the sweet spot and moving around. You and your company will usually be drinking and any sound will be the best they heard. I picked up a pair from menards here in WI for $50 and they do what they need to, stero sound loud and that have lasted 10 years. Can’t even tell you the brand they are so off market.
Don’t forget to use the John Curl, Bob Crump Bar-B-Q amp, too. 🤗
Bruce, are you anywhere near Chicago - looking to find a good home for some Niles OS -20's I don't have a need for since we moved.