Good Suggestions for Tube Amps under 6k

I wanted to see if there were any group suggestions for an integrated tube amp or tube / solid-state combo under 10k or, even better, under 6k. Still looking for my final purchase in this part of my system.  Thanks everyone.


What do you have now, and what improvements/sound characteristics are you looking for?

My first recommendation would be the Audio Research I-50. Extremely musical and detailed. Gets everything right. Especially engaging. It is right on your budget. The really good thing about this is that it is competitive in the $10K integrated market.

If you can get into the $10K market via buying used, I highly recommend it. The $10K market offers strikingly better performance than the $5K market. I highly recommend listening to Pass. They have the fast response of solid state, with great rhythm and pace (although definitely not at the level of the Audio Research) making them really impressive.


There is also Luxman… I will admit to having high hopes for them and have been very disappointed at the trebly detail and poor midrange… the sound has not moved me at all. I have listened to their top level amp and a couple of integrated including the $10K integrated… to me, very disappointing. But that is me. I have been at this for fifty years and superficial flash will not get me.






I could possibly contribute some meaningful amplifier suggestions. As has been asked, what speakers, listening room size and sonic/ musical characteristics do you seek and prioritize? More information can yield better responses.


I currently have:  

Primaluna EVO 400 integrated

Lampizator Atlantic 3 DAC

Daedalus custom-made speakers

For those unfamiliar, Daedalus would be in the sonic personality range of Harbeth, et al.  Fabulous for vocal, wonderful wood tones, transparency, and clarity.

Although I could live with the Primaluna (about 5k), I am exploring other alternatives.  That's the gist of it.