Good Suggestions for Tube Amps under 6k

I wanted to see if there were any group suggestions for an integrated tube amp or tube / solid-state combo under 10k or, even better, under 6k. Still looking for my final purchase in this part of my system.  Thanks everyone.


Any suggestions of the specific tubes that you might think would make a positive difference?

I know we all post about what we have used. My tube background isn't that extensive but I've had the Rogers 65v-2, I still own the LTA Z40+ integrated and now I also own the Don Sachs Valhalla. The Valhalla is about 33 watts and is really really nice. This is made now by someone Don taught to make it and has a decent warranty. If it interests you at all, I can link up the site that describes it and put you in touch with the guy who makes them now. 

I thoroughly enjoy my Cary Audio SLI-100 with Klipsch Forte IV’s, Innuos Zen Mk3 and Merason Frerot DAC.


Thanks for sharing that.  The Valhalla looks intriguing and I'm bookmarking the site.  It could be a key one for me up ahead as I slowly move to make some decisions on equipment additions in the coming year. 👍