Good Suggestions for Tube Amps under 6k

I wanted to see if there were any group suggestions for an integrated tube amp or tube / solid-state combo under 10k or, even better, under 6k. Still looking for my final purchase in this part of my system.  Thanks everyone.


@auroravengeance It’s amazing we got 2 pages of replies without someone recommending either a Lab12, Line Magnetic, or Leben.

Take a closer read. I and another poster suggested Line Magnetic amplifiers. Truth is that their are numerous excellent choices in the OP’s given budget range. Folks have posted many fine amplifier options. I don’t know how one could declare any specific one of them unequivocally as the “best” amplifier.


Oh, for a demo where 8-10 highly touted tube amps between $4k -$10 were placed in a single room with reasonable acoustics, well-rated DAC, revealing speakers, and tubes recommended by creator / manufacturer for the event. We could listen and opine and choose!

I'll add that we must blind test them before revealing the brand or model. 😎

Ayon, Audiomat (I'm slightly biased owner of Audiomat), Audio Research and Octave. I owned or listened extensively those. Chose model appropriate for your speakers and room, with which I am not familiar with. 
Lampizator Atlantic (well, anything from them) is one of the best out there. Very quiet. High sensitivity speakers still need some power to keep the system as quiet. It would be a mortal sin to ruin that quietness of your DAC. Class A vs AB vs hybD, SET vs PP or integrated vs pre/power combo - all that pales in comparison of importance to match amp's output to your speakers, and your source to the preamp/integrated input.
It appears you have a good info from speaker manufacturer; why don't you ask Lampizator people?

Well, Lampizator sells their own amps... ($14k-18K per component and up) and probably recommends amps well beyond the given budget.

@jchiappinelli Carlsbad2, Why do you keep mis-informing that Prima luna relies on printed circuit boards when they are clearly point-to-point hand wired? It’s one of their primary marketing pitches and clearly supported by photos of the insides of their components.


INSIDE VIEW - PL EVO 400 Integrated

This could be what @carlsbad2 is referring to. Does not make it wrong, yet I’m counting at least 8 different little circuit boards inside, this pic is right off the Primaluna site, today. Typically a true point-to-pont wired component does not have any circuit boards, or at least no boards in the signal path.

Would be fun to hear from some of the modifier/upgrade folks who know how to truly tweak this amp up more, and bring it to an entirely new level. Someone knows...